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Welcome to the homepage of Kendall R. Lamkey's maize breeding and quantitative genetics research project. Our project is part of the Cooperative Federal-State Maize Breeding Program located on the campus of Iowa State University. My research project is focused on the origin, maintenance, and utilization of genetic variation in maize. For more information, see one of the categories to the left.

Lamkey Project December 2002

L to R: Kendall Lamkey, Sonja Nastasic, Paul White, Chris Rasmussen, Buppa Kongsamai, Tom Scheffler, Jim Rouse, Clint Turnbull, Lori Hinze, Brandon Wardyn, Mrs. Rossouw, and JD Rossouw

Lamkey Project May 2003

First Row (L to R): Liz Popowski, Buppa Kongsamai, Sonja Nastasic, Aaron Lorenz, Lori Hinze.

Second Row (L to R): Jim Rouse, Kendall Lamkey, Zvonomir Zdunic, Brandon Wardyn, and Paul White.

Not Pictured: Chris Rasmussen, Tom Scheffler, Clint Turnbull (called up for active duty)


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